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Hatley are famed for its fun, bright and bold prints on the garments they create. Founded over 20 years ago by husband and wife John and Alice Oldland. They lived in a small town called North Hatley, Canada (Hatley’s namesake). Alice was an artist and was inspired by the countryside around her to paint. In order to showcase her artwork she decided to open a gallery above her gift shop, The Little Blue House. John her husband realised that he could sell Alice’s work by making her artwork into prints to be showcased on aprons, these were a great success. Over time the company progressed into children’s wear and they now sell their designs all over the world. Hatley have a very strong environmental ethos, so they try and use in all their products natural fibres and try to keep their green foot print as small as possible. They create long lasting items that can be passed on to others, and not end up in landfill.

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