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Levi's Kidswear

Levi's Kidswear

The story of the legendary Levi's® jean began in 1829 with the birth of Levi Strauss, the creator of the classic 'blue jean'. Over the years Levi has seared his way into the hearts and souls of people across the globe, building up a legion of devoted style fans. Levi represented the eager businessman which enabled him to quickly establish a fashion outlet simply dubbed ‘Levi Strauss & Co’. Business was blossoming with the rise of the gold rush but it was in 1873 that Levi struck pure gold. Taking their label to the next level, Levi quickly extended the fashion family tree to create a line for children. The entire Levi Kids collection encapsulates the brand’s urban flair and sense of luxury craftsmanship and attention to detail with mini me styles, adorable jeans in the classic 501 cut and relaxed tees and jumpers. Focusing on urbanity and modernity, every collection by this esteemed label exceeds our expectations

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