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The exquisite brand of Oilily was founded in 1963 by Willem en Marieke Olsthoorn. As the company began creating clothing of plain and simple colours such as grey, white and black they began to unfortunately realise that these colours did not entice children therefore they began to establish themselves through vibrant colouring, humorous designs and unique attention to styling and detail. Oilily became a phenomenal success in creating Kids Clothing, they used a mixture of unusual fabrics to create a truly distinguished and extraordinary piece, the elements that allowed Oilily to become a success became the signature of the brand. A little ones wardrobe should be filled with creativity and imagination and Oilily will fulfil these dreams of a parent and their child.

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Continuing with the brands signature aesthetics of vibrant colouring, spirited detailing, playful prints and unique attention to styling and detail. Incorporating a vast colour palette which includes the vivid hues of yellow, blue and red as well as the vibrant shades of pink, green and turquoise. The collection is one that is truly unreplicable and inimitable due to its intricate design details and complex prints which are centred on florals, leafs and birds.