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Truly timeless, beautiful and chic, the wonderful Pamilla collection is one that captures and embodies the essence of elegance and refined taste. It is Rina Mencarell who introduced Pamilla after following an inner and personal path which led her to discover her passion and mastery of the fashion craft. From this discovery she was inspired to create a label focused on fashions for women and girls.

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The Pamilla collection focuses in on every detail including the silhouette, the cut, the design, the fabric and of course the detailing of the piece – the embellishments, the sleeves, the subtle pleats and volume. Each garment exudes sophistication, femininity and modern flair and manifests intricacy and complexity at its best. Every design encapsulates magical style to transfer every little girl into a parallel universe where she experiences the position of a princess. Never conforming to industrial cliché, Pamilla continues with its core aesthetics and offers a collection which is original and unique.